Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips Review

Cherry Me - Don't let this firetruck red fool you, for this chapstick appears as a sheer muted red, and gives the lips a nice flush.

Grape Vine - In the tube this chapstick appears quite vampy and scary, but on the lips it becomes a gorgeous shade of berry.  It smells just like a grape jolly rancher, and is one of our favorites!

Pink Punch - This shocking pink is unlike the others, for it is truly what it looks like in the tube!  It's a hot pink and is extremely pigmented.

Yummy Plummy - This muted plum, comes off very natural and gives a mauve hint to the lips.   We wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for color, but is very natural.

Coral Crush - This chapstick is indeed coral.  It's citrusy and adds a fresh and orange tint to your lips without being too outrageous.

Peach Kiss - This peach scented balm is a shimmery neutral color and is great for everyday.

Quenched & Peppermint -  These two chapsticks are not swatched given that they are just clear balms, but they do smell great and are perfect moisturizers.

Overall Review - These lip balms give great moisture, SPF 20, pigmentation, and they smell good too.  They have a wide variety of colors and we would highly recommend them!

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